Easy RAW vegan Caramel Sauce + A messy start to something EPIC


So... I'm on this RAW vegan kick right now. It's a part of my spiritual detox, in light of the blue moon. Me and Justice bond through food, often... and tonight he wanted to make something together. Of course being raw, I had to think creatively about something that would be awesome, FUN, delicious and still, slightly... healthy.

You know.. lol

I decided on Vegan Snickers. .  I don't think Justice has ever had a snicker bar before, being that he's been vegan since he was 2... but I do know he enjoys chocolate, caramel, + nuts. So let's do it.


RAW Nougat + RAW Caramel Sauce
Awaiting Nuts + Chocolate

We create an awesome base (nougat), an awesome caramel, and BOOM! Right before we add the nuts + get to make the chocolate... A big bag of Dutch Cocoa powder falls off the shelf and puffs.... EVERYWHERE. I mean.. EVERYWHERE. Coats everything. My vegetable spiralizer, an ice cream maker, lots of bottles, bags, boxes, ah you get the point. EVERYWHERE.

Are you freaking kidding me? I'm tired. I've been making products all day, answering questions + emails and now... I have a HUGE mess to clean up. Bleh. So much for finishing the snickers.

In the middle of my frustration, I find that this caramel is ridiculously good... and I can't stop eating it out of the blender LOL. Stress? Emotional Eating? Eh... maybe lol, but seriously... It's THAT good.

I figure we'd take it and run with it. We'll finish the snickers tomorrow when I feel like cleaning up.

Kid's love to dip things. You and I both know it. My beautiful SUN* is no different. I sliced up some organic apples... and WAH-LAH. Freaking amazing. He couldn't stop eating it either.

TooCool for HomeSchool.

Okay, okay... Enough of your story Ash, tell us how to make it.

Okay, fine.

This is an easy recipe. 4 ingredients. 5 or 6 if you include love + a mess making mama. Your choice.



1 C - Fresh Ooey Gooey or Soaked Medjool Dates

1/4 C - Warm Water (filtered please)

1/4 of an organic Vanilla bean (feel free to use 2 tsp vanilla extract if you'd like, we prefer the full bean)

Pinch of sea salt. (pink himalayan is awesome)

LOVE + a happy toddler. 

Combine all ingredients in the blender until ridiculously smooth.

If you need to add a little water to help it blend add it by the tsp only.

The thicker, the richer, the creamier, THE BETTER.

Damn.. that's good. If you want to take it up a notch add a scoop of coconut cream and a splash of bourbon.


AND you can add more salt + make a RAW SALTED CARAMEL DIP!






He wouldn't even let me take a picture. It's THAT good.


Snicker Recipe coming at you soon. I have a feeling it will be... pure MAGICK.



I hope you enjoyed our mini photo shoot. Justice enjoyed every bit of the caramel, after dinner dessert. We will be blogging more frequently now that we are more caught up with Ashley's Naturals. 

Thanks for reading!


Ash + kingJustice

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