I am back, with a vengeance, a plan and a schedule. I promise to blog more this year. While I am working on the cookbook (it will be out soon). I will make sure to keep you all in the loop, even if it’s just a quick picture. I make dinner every single night for my guys, so there is always lots to share… However, I’ve been sharing my SOUL[food] solely on snapchat (@AshleysNaturals). I will be sure to change that. I will start consistently blogging next month, as that is when my new schedule kicks into place. I can’t wait to show you all, all of the incredible things I’ve been crafting, creating with love and tasting (hence the fact that I may ormay not have gained 15lbs over the course of 2015… but uh, we’ll save that for another conversation… LOL — Hun did tell me that he loves me unconditionally and if I want to go back to being the culinary mad scientist I used to be [and get round] , he supports me 100% — LOL yeah, okay.) Life is all about balance, and right now, I am back to finding mine. It’s hard sometimes… Sometimes it takes a major breakdown for you to pull it together, prioritize and refocus. I mean… really, I’m trying to be superwoman and she doesn’t even exist. I just have to make time for me, in the midst of all this chaos. With that being said, maybe in 2016 I’ll only cook 6 days a week lol or maybe 25 days a month. We’ll see how it goes.  Please don’t be afraid to provide me with a gentle reminder to post on the blog (DON’T NAG ME! LOL). I am always so busy running Ashley’s Naturals Welcome to the Yoniverse® that I let Vegan Soulfood Cookbook fall to the back. My apologies. Anyway, I will be back. Please feel free to leave some recipe requests so that I can get it popping for you. Any old soul food recipes that you used to love prior to becoming vegan? Anything you need me to veganize, so that you can go vegan? I’m all ears. We can make a difference. Help me, help you, help us, help the world. I love you all. Thank you for rocking with me, thus far. Peace.