A Quick Vegan Dinner featuring... Leftovers!

What the heck do you do when you're tired from preparing products for Ashley's Naturals orders, it's getting late, and your spouse keeps hinting that he wants an early dinner....?

It's 6:52, what do you do?

You make Lovely, Leftover Lettuce Wraps of course!


^ my king's plate ^



^ what my vegan 3yr old toddler's plate looks like. ^

So I took our left over food from the week and created the most delicious, filling, dinner. No, seriously. I surprised myself at how delicious they were. I think I'll have them again tomorrow.

So... Ash, what's in the wraps? LOL Well.... Let's see, there was coconut rice, pinto beans, black beans, yellow rice, and corn. Sounds weird, I know. Then I sautéed up some locally grown onions, some garlic, some beyond meat fiesta grounds (gluten + soyfree), and a carrot, with some delicious "chicken style" house seasoning and love. OMG.

I then had to make a creamy sauce, of course.

For the sauce I used - Just Mayo, Rice Vinegar, Franks Red Hot (Hot Sauce), Liquid Aminos, and you know..... lots and lots and lots of NOOOOOOCH!!! (Nutritional Yeast for my non-vegans, who will be vegan soon :))

Then, of course... You serve it on a bed of Organic Locally Grown Romaine!

Man, it was delicious.

Now, I'm sitting here eating a nice big bowl of that strawberry mango sorbet, me and Justice made earlier. He just had 3 scoops and is already asking for more. Oh, what the heck! It's mostly fruit. I'll let the kid live a little. .

Yes... the whole pan is almost gone. Lol, DON'T JUDGE US!!!

This is a judgement free zone!

Justice leans more towards a raw vegan. He loves his fresh produce. Carrots over Chips most days for him, and I couldn't be prouder.

hold on.

Okay, I'm back. Can someone PLEASE tell me how my son manages to drop food on the floor at every meal? Lol HOW!? No matter how close he is to the table, no matter what he eats, lol I have to clean it up off the floor. Geez louise. Lol, now, where was I? Oh yeah. This sorbet. Yum Yum Yum...

Justice calls it SirBey lol I think it's hilarious. Lol you do too, I know. Say it out loud :-D

Anyway, it's time for me to get into the shower and Daddy is going to put Justice in the bath.

I had to make a blog post tonight because I am so excited about the response I'm getting on the first day L I V E.

"Your stats are booming! Vegan Soulfood Cookbook is getting lots of traffic."

Thanks WordPress!

+ Thank you! Yes, YOU! Thank you for taking the time to read my silly thoughts, weird creations, and look at my pictures!

It means the world to me.

Peace + light,


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